About Aaron Day

Aaron Day is the founder and Managing Director of ‘The3rdgear – Business Engineering’ and has been recognised as a revolutionary provider of some of the most effective customised management systems and processes available to small business owners. As well as being an Author and Business Consultant he’s happily married to his wife Eileen, and togther they have 3 children James, Luke and Tara.

Aaron’s hobbies include flying, boating, fishing, the occassional bushwalk and generally having fun with family and friends.

He has dedicated his career to providing small and medium business owners with cutting edge management techniques that have created permanent long-term improvements and left a trail of award-winning market leaders.

Aaron and his development team have also created a unique online business management system and business diagnostic software which provide breakthrough solutions for business owners.

Now with nearly two decade’s worth of experience consulting and engineering of business management systems, and a passion for writing and sharing his management knowledge, Aaron brings you “Management Trinity – How to manage any business without having an MBA”.  He welcomes all readers to share their personal experiences in the world of business and entrepreneurship and also their feedback from reading this book (Amzon Reviews much appreciated 🙂 )

You can provide feedback as well as learn more about Aaron Day, The3rdgear and Business Engineering at The3rdGear

Management Trinity Manage Business Without MBA

Management Trinity

Simple and Effective Management System that every small business owner can benefit from.  Within this book, you will find real life solutions to common business problems. All within a revolutionary yet simple management model that provides short-cuts to business success!
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